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The CGH Group engages in research on 3D display using computer-generated holograms. Its ultimate goal is to develop 3D computer display and 3D TV technology to enable stereoscopic viewing of objects as shown on the right.
Computer-generated holograms are unique among the various types of 3D display available because they require no special glasses and fully suit the physiological conditions necessary for stereoscopic human vision.
However, a variety of related technical challenges still need to be addressed, and members of the laboratory are working hard to resolve them.

Computer-generated Holograms

Computer-generated holograms are one of holograms, whose interference fringe are generated by computer simulation, and have attracted attention as a 3D display technology that enables ideal 3D rendering.
For details, see the Principles of Holography and Principles of CGH web pages.

Motivation behind the Pursuit of Computer-generated Hologram Development

Various types of 3D display enable stereoscopic image rendering. However, only those based on the principles of holography suit human visual function requirements for the recognition of stereoscopic structures and objects. Accordingly, computer-generated holograms are seen as a promising technology for ideal 3D image display in the future. Source: Opening article by Associate Professor Yuji Sakamoto entitled "Now is the Age of CGHs" (in Japanese) in HODIC Circular Vol. 22, No. 2 (published in May 2002)

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